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“This training is so needed by everyone.” 

-Former Participant

"This training allowed me to become a better leader in all aspects."


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Going into the training, I had little expectations. But I quickly realized the changes I needed to make to move forward.


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This training, if you allow it, is life changing.


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“The greatest asset you have is your staff. We solve problems you have with staff!

Tell us the problems you face and we’ll offer a training plan to erase them. Then, you tell us if we met your expectations. 

We believe in our product and staff. To paraphrase a former TV commercial, ‘You’ll like the results, we guarantee it.’ Our track record proves ‘promise made, promise kept.’"

-Dr.   Ben Bushyhead, President


If you are the product of a dysfunctional family and community, it is hard to get a good start in life. Without intervention, that’s intense, intentional, and immediate, the skills you learned from birth through six years of age, set the pattern of behavior for the rest of your life. Survival skills will be the way you react to any outside stimuli, unless and until, new skills are taught and learned to replace those old reactionary skills.

Growing up in a family where dysfunction and anti-social skills are needed merely to survive sets the pattern of abusive and irate behaviors exhibited at the most inopportune times. These unexpected and inappropriate behaviors are negative and destructive! Learned in childhood they manifest the “chaos” they inflict on co-workers and in your business settings.

Often referred to as "life changing", our training creates positive changes for you and your employees that will last a lifetime and will enhance positive facetime with customers.

We call our training the “Chaos Theory” because we remove the chaotic survival skills learned in early childhood and replace them with positive skills for successful adulthood. Employees discover this success works at home, too.

Together, we can walk in balance.

a training that'll change your business

Create positive values for your employees


Reduce training costs

Reduce staff turnover

Give you a positive return on investment in staff hiring

Reduce absenteeism

Relieve stress and anxiety in the workplace

Reduce work toxicity & prevent staff “burn-out”

Keep a healthy workforce

Improve your bottom line

Team and trust building are built into each training module of this Management Resource Associates-created training. We find many employees do not feel “traditional” team and trust building are effective or long lasting, nor do these methods meet their needs. We are effective without “forcing” anyone up ropes or to “catch” fellow trainees as they fall. This removes a lot of anxiety.

You will hear us talk a lot about “The Chaos Theory.” Early in its development, this program was simply called “Fighting the Indian Wars” (1985) because that was the population and community for whom it was initially developed. When the training was requested and offered to other populations and communities, we found the title too limiting. The training was changed to “Making Sense of Chaos.” The training has proven effective regardless of the participants racial or educational backgrounds. We walk the participants through their beginnings to teach them why and how they develop the self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors. Then we provide new skills which can support productive and happy lives and careers.

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Are you tired of being angry and not knowing why? Does anger play too big a part in your everyday life?
Are you stressed by having to perform, at home or at work, in ways that make you feel like “you’re always pretending”?
Do you feel the need to “let off steam” once in a while? Do you find being Mr. or Ms. Nice Guy runs thin sometimes? Do you just “lose it” at inappropriate times?

As an employer, do constant yelling and screaming matches by and among staff occupy too much of your time? Or do you, as a supervisor, find yourself acting as the referee of these screaming matches with no idea of how to stop them? Or worse, how you got dragged into it?

Ever heard of an id? This is the way we identify ourselves when we interact with others. (We interact with one of our ids -- Adult, Parent, or Child.) We teach how to interact with one’s “adult id.” We teach about the three “íds” and why the adult id makes for better interaction.

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